Harriton Student Council Website

I, along with a few other Student Council members, created the new Student Council website, harriton.org. The Student Council website acts as a publicly-available hub for all things Student Council. The website has received over 11,000 views since its debut this past winter. Its features include:

  • An entirely automated online morning announcements submission page, harriton.org/submit, which made morning announcements submissions much more efficient than the previous email-based system. With the help of algorithms designed and developed by our own members, all submissions are automatically put into a Google Doc right before the 7:30 AM morning announcements that the Officers read daily. The website also allows students to view that day’s morning announcements in writing at any time.
  • A Student Council “News and Announcements” section
  • Contact information and descriptions for all Harriton clubs and student organizations
  • The Student Council application form and information
  • Members-only resources (via login), which were automatically restricted based off of position. For example, Co-Chairs gain access automatically to certain resources that regular council members cannot.
  • All of the versions of our Bylaws and its Amendments, along with other general and information about Student Council under the “About Us” tab
  • A “Contact Us” section, where anyone in the community can reach out with questions or comments for Student Council. The website also has a webmaster contact link for technical inquiries. We also made a “Student Suggestions” portal specifically for students’ concerns during COVID-19, whether that be about online instruction or prom and graduation.
  • A separate section for everything Dr. Harriton, including an online donation system, advertisement and sponsorship information and purchasing, and an online ticketing system. All payments are safe and secure as they are backed by PayPal and WooCommerce. Our online ticketing system and donation system were entirely new this year and played a major role in smashing the Dr. Harriton fundraising record. The online ticketing system also diversified the audience members from solely families of Harriton students and faculty to other members of the community too since community members wouldn’t have to be at Harriton in order to purchase tickets, although we still held the in-person ticket sales table.
  • An automated email system, ClapRaise, for Student Council members to enter inemails of their friends and family and have automated yet personalized emails (including automatically-sent follow up and thank you emails) sent to all recipients.
  • Many other cool features! We encourage you to visit the website here.