‘Harriton TSA’ Cleans Up at Regional Conference

The 2019 Harriton TSA team earned 28 awards at the annual region 5 conference. Photo: Chris Weaver, LMSD Teacher

At the annual region 5 competition, the Harriton Technology Student Association (TSA) team qualified in a total of 28 events, unofficially placing third. 30 students attended the conference to test their skills in over 30 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) events.

Mr. Chris Weaver, one of two lead advisors of the club released the following statement to show the full extent of Harriton’s winnings:

Congratulations to the Harriton TSA members for a strong showing at the 2019 TSA Region 5 Conference held on Saturday, February 9, 2019 in Quakertown, PA.  The team earned 28 awards including 17 “top three” finishes.  Please congratulate the members on a job well done as they advance to the Pennsylvania TSA Conference in April.

  • Biotechnology – Sarah Xi, Ariadne Marg-Bracken, Emily Wright, Reese Lienau, Julie Wright – 2nd
  • Board Game Design – Max Harris, Julie Wright, Ariadne Marg-Bracken, Reese Lienau, Sarah Xi, Jacob Kerstein – 2nd
  • Board Game Design – Miles Gee, Tyler Weiss, Noah Braunfeld, Chad Coulter, Sam Gutsche, Marina Burke – 4th
  • Chapter Team Written – Francis Chalissery – 4th
  • Chapter Team Written – Sam Catania – 5th
  • Chapter Team Written – Emily Wright – 6th
  • Childrens Stories – Marina Burke, Sarah Xi, Emily Wright, Ariadne Marg-Bracken, Reese Lienau – 3rd
  • Coding – Noah Braunfeld, Miles Gee – 3rd
  • Coding – Kevin Zhai, Max Wang – 6th
  • Design Build Test – Reese Lienau, Sofia Solon, Siddharth Gowda, Amol Jhala – 1st
  • Dragster Design – Ari Beal – 2nd
  • Extemporaneous Speech- Emily Wright – 2nd
  • Extemporaneous Speech – Sam Catania – 3rd
  • Flight Endurance – Julian Huang – 3rd
  • Forensic Science – Aditi Karhadkar, Marina Burke – 7th
  • Future Technology Teacher – Charisma Hasan – 2nd
  • Music Production – Jacob Waniewski, Miles Gee, Noah Braunfeld, Adam Xu, Julian Huang, Jacob Kerstein – 5th
  • On Demand Video – Sam Catania, Emily Wright, Max Harris, Tyler Weiss – 3rd
  • Photographic Technology – Max Harris – 3rd
  • Prepared Presentation – Francis Chalissery – 5th
  • Promotional Design – Francis Chalissery – 2nd
  • Promotional Design – Sarah Xi – 3rd
  • Software Development – Kevin Zhai, Francis Chalissery, Max Wang, Henry Kohl-Drucker, Filip Barun – 4th
  • Structural Design – Miles Gee, Adam Xu – 4th
  • Structural Design – Justin Young, Andrew Han – 10th
  • Technology Bowl Written – Miles Gee – 2nd
  • Video Game Design – Miles Gee, Noah Braunfeld, Adam Xu, Justin Young, Korgan Atillasoy, Andrew Han – 1st
  • Webmaster – Ari Beal, Sam Catania, Francis Chalissery, Kevin Zhai, Ben Abt – 1st

In unofficial rankings, the team placed 3rd overall, following Lower Merion High School and Downingtown STEM Academy. The team will compete next at the annual states competition in Champion, PA in April.

The author of this article, Sam Catania, is a member of Harriton TSA and currently a Pennsylvania TSA State Officer.

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