EXCLUSIVE: Harriton TV Interviews Pete Buttigieg

Cold and rainy weather didn’t stop about 1,000 Philadelphians from coming out to Pete Buttigieg’s first visit to the city of brotherly love.

Pete: “If I hang around him any longer I might end up an enthusiastic Eagles fan. It’s contagious”

Armed with last minute press credentials, Harriton TV was able to grab and exclusive interview during the gaggle following the rally.

Sam: “Can you talk about a time a teacher influenced you?”

Pete: “Absolutely, well the teacher who has the most influence on me now is Chasten, of course, my husband, but also I’ll never forget times through grade school and through high school, I had a teacher Mrs. Chismar, who taught Economics, who believed in me I think more than I believed in myself, and English teachers, like the first one who taught me what a metaphor was just changed the entire way I think. I owe so much to teachers and they don’t get nearly enough recognition.”

Sam: “You’re in Philly, have you had a cheesesteak?”

Pete: “Not today but I’m planning to take care of that soon.”

Sam: “Good to hear!”

We spoke to Mr. Schweitzer from the Economics department and Mr. Plump from the English department to learn what they thought about Pete’s remarks.

Mr. Schweitzer: “Alright, so it was a cool shutout from Mayor Pete. Take Econ! I think Economics is a valuable window into understanding how and why people do the stuff they do.”

Mr. Plump: “Well, it’s nice to see a presidential candidate talking about teachers. I think we all deserve credit not just English teachers, and my senior year English teacher was a big influence on my life, in fact, one of the reasons I’m here today. So, yes, let’s hear it for the teachers.”

For Harriton TV in Philadelphia, I am Sam Catania.

To see photos from the event, please click the images below. Credit: Max Harris | Harriton TV

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