Harriton Hosts 2019 International Night

At Harriton’s 2019 annual International Night students set up booths to represent cultures from around the world. The event featured over 30 booths, music, and of course food.

“International night is all about us as a community coming together to celebrate our unity in the international community” said event organizer Jonah Remer.

Kat Berberian and Lucy Dwyer, two additional event organizers also weighed in: “I think international night is about everyone coming together celebrating different cultures. Celebrating either their culture or [another] culture, giving information about all the different countries.” said Kat. “[It’s about] learning about different cultures and growing your experiance” added Lucy.

“It’s really good. The food is really good, [there’s] some good music” said Student Council Treasurer Taylor Shinal who attended the event. A lot of people showed out. It seems pretty legit” added student Aiden Gallary.

According to IB coordinator Mr. Thomas O’Brien, this year’s event marked the fourth year of the tradition. Mr. O’Brien told Harriton TV the event is “a highlight of [his] year” and “a great way to celebrate people from all walks of life.”

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